Solutions fail to complete deploying or retracting

I ran into a problem today that I’ve seen before, but have never been able to solve until now.  I saw the problem once in an old MOSS 2007 farm, and then recently in a SharePoint 2010 farm.  Whenever I attempted to deploy or retract a solution, the process would begin but never complete.  There would be a one-time timer job definition, which I could run, but it would not remove itself afterwards.  Regardless of how I tried to deploy/retract (PowerShell, Central Admin, STSADM, etc) the process would never complete.  I would have to delete the timer job definition in order for the “Deploying…” or “Retracting…” to go away from the solution screen in Central Admin.

So what’s the solution?  I found that the timer service on the web servers was stopped!  Once I restarted it on the web servers, solutions completed deploying and retracting properly!

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